Clemens Koppensteiner

I am a Member of the Institute for Advanced Study's School of Mathematics. Before then, I was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of British Columbia's Department of Mathematics.

Office: A-104



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My work focuses on the structure of derived categories of sheaves in algebraic geometry and geometric representation theory. My aim is to make inspirations stemming from representation theory available to algebraic geometry at large, and conversely to use the larger geometric picture for insights into representations of algebraic groups. The concrete topics I am working on include t-structures on categories of coherent sheaves, categorical Lie algebra actions, D-modules in logarithmic geometry and Riemann–Hilbert correspondences, and Hochschild cohomology and support theory for D-modules on stacks.

Publications & Preprints

My thesis, Some microlocal aspects of perverse coherent sheaves and equivariant D-modules.

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